International Business Development

Your business is on the move, why aren't you?

Today, being an economic leader in domestic markets for real estate and business development isn't enough to stay ahead of the industry. Businesses and investors are on the move, making these financial services international, even if you aren't. Aligning international investors with domestic opportunities can be a challenge, and bridging the gap across continents can be a daunting task for even seasoned real estate brokers. You need a partner with well developed connections and a track record of successful business development in both the US and Abroad.

Led by President and international business entrepreneur Scott Prephan, Prephan Enterprises has become more than just your typical real estate development and consulting firm. We've partnered with businesses across the globe, and started several corporations in both the US and China, learning the nuances of those markets first hand and carving a path for success that we've replicated over and over again. Prephan Enterprises brings a wealth of expertise to the table for companies looking to open branches in new international markets, or looking to expand their footprint globally, with business connections and development partners across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Entrepreneurial expertise, at home and abroad

Prephan Enterprises understand how to make new business developments and global business ventures successful and lucrative, and will leverage our network of brokers, investors and developers across the world for your benefit. Instead of starting from scratch in a foreign market, use our network to get a jump start on growth and solidify your expansion before you even break ground.

As an integral member of one of the fastest growing business development companies in China, 5 Lakes Global, Prephan Enterprises has made headway into one of the most difficult to penetrate markets in the world, and has opened doors for dozens of American businesses and investors looking to do the same. Let Prephan Enterprises work for you, leveraging our connections in the Chinese business and real estate world to help grow your company into a global brand.

Scott Prephan and Prephan Enterprises has worked with several US, Chinese, Italian and Middle East companies to create lasting and lucrative partnerships.